Monday, April 12, 2021

Alvo Rescue Squad


Alvo 110 - 1990 Road Rescue

111 letter 3

Alvo 111 - 1997 MedTech

Alvo Rescue Squad provides Emergency Medical Services to western Cass, eastern Lancaster, northwest Otoe counties and the communities of Alvo and Eagle and has done this since 1976. We were one of two transporting services in this area until 1985, when Eagle bought their first ambulance. Seven volunteers operate two ambulances 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Five members are licensed at the Emergency Medical Technician level (one is also an EMS Evaluator); one is a licensed paramedic and EMS Instructor and one is a Registered Nurse, licensed EMT and EMS Instructor.

All ambulances were purchased with dollars donated or earned by squad members, as was the original 1973 Suburban. We bought the Road Rescue unit from Oakland Rescue and the Mother, Jugs & Speed Chevrolet from a paramedic who wanted the 73 Suburban to refurbish, since he had worked for Shurtleff Ambulance in Lincoln when the Suburban was new. The newest unit is a 1997 MedTech purchased from Wilber Fire & Rescue without using tax dollars - although we have to buy brats and kolaches once a month from Frank's Smokehouse for the next ten years.

We responded to 30 medical emergencies, vehicle collisions and fire standbys in 2011, 67 in 2012, .

We are certified in advanced airway procedures, IV therapy and emergency medications including albuterol, aspirin and nitroglycierin.

Meetings are usually the second Wednesday of the month at 1900 at the Fire and Rescue Station.

Membership applications available at the Village Clerk's office or contact Dave at 402-432-5018.

Dave  Dave - Paramedic/EMSI

Karen  Karen - RN/EMT - IV. Airway, Meds/EMSI

Dennis  Dennis - EMT - IV, Airway, Meds

Billy  Billy - EMT - IV

 Mike Mike - EMT - Meds/EMS Evaluator

   Kelly  Kelly Anderson - EMT - Airway, Meds

Ryan  Ryan Anderson - FF/EMT - Airway, Meds