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Alvo Newsletter, June 5th, 2013

Does the rainbow really end in our town?

Got a text from my good friend living in east Lincoln on Thursday night - when all the storm clouds were boiling up and the watches and warnings were being paged non-stop. He said the rainbow's end he saw was in Alvo and wondered if I had a pot of gold in my yard.

Rainbow 1

Could be he was right about the rainbow, as communities all around us were suffering thunderstorms, rain and hail, the sun was shining here in our quirky little burg. No sirens, some wind, no hail - we dodged a bullet that evening.

Rainbow 3

I don't pretend to know how Mother Nature determines where the storms, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes happen - I'm just happy when we aren't the bullseye.

Rainbow 4

By the way, there is no pot of gold in my yard, so don't bother digging for it.

Having a root canal on the day the newsletter is written sure sucks the enthusiasm and thoughts about how life is pretty good right out of a person.

Neal has a lot more pain than most of us, as he heals from the devastating burn injuries that happened on May 11th. Jen told me that the backs of his lower legs were regrafted, the suture staples were removed from his hands, his hair is growing back, his face looks years younger, his ears are healing slowly. He is walking and feeding himself. When he is discharged from the burn center, he will be a patient at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, which is one fo the best in the country. He still faces a long road to full recovery. Keep both Neal and Jennifer in your thoughts.                                                                                        

Warning Siren Information

The Alvo siren is activated by either the Cass County Sheriff's Office Communications Center or by the Cass County Emergency Operations Center by radio link. When a severe weather warning is received from either volunteer fire and rescue storm spotters, law enforcement or from the National Weather Service, the appropriate sirens in the county will be activated with a 2-3 minute steady wail. There is NO all clear signal.


All the county sirens are tested on the first Saturday of the month between 1000 and 1100.


When you hear the wail, TAKE COVER! DO NOT grab your lawn chair, a six-pack and your smart phone to attempt to make a viral YouTube video. We will have too many idiot storm chasers running around the county already. As was proven in Oklahoma, being a storm chaser does not keep you from harm.


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