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Village of Alvo Newsletter, May 1st, 2013

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Busy Saturday in Alvo!


The last April Saturday in Alvo is always interesting, starting with the Fire Department and Rescue Squad Annual Pancake Breakfast in the morning and the Alvo High School Gathering Pot Luck Dinner that same evening.

We don't have an accurate count on the number of gourmet pancake fans, but the donations were doubled over last year and the gourmands finished off the eggs and seven pounds of the secret recipe mix.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Rick Koutecky, Fire Chief

Dave Morgan, Rescue Captain


Alvo High School Gathering (The major event of the day)

A wonderful evening was enjoyed by everyone attending the 33rd annual Alvo High School pot luck supper held last Saturday (April 27th) evening at the Alvo Fire Barn community building. Harry Weichel, '53, Ralston, was toastmaster. 53 graduates, family and friends attended and shared some great food and conversation.

Reverend Robert Neben, classmate of '59, Lincoln gave the invocation. A moment of silence to honor those who died since our last gathering was held.

Albert Fairlfield, '33

John Abbott, '36

Jim Roelofsz, '39

Bob James, '40

Donna (Vickers) Rogers, '42

Shirley (Reber) Hemming, '43

Ralph Roelofsz, 43

Beverly (Stolz) Lannin, '51

Vernadean (Roelofsz) McBee, '52

Billy Schuelke, '54

Aaron Howe, '63, Alvo-Eagle

Ollie Mayfield, Teacher and Coach

Thlema (Weichel) Howe, PTA President


The Methodist Church Basement Ladies helped with the food and drink service. Harry Weichel, '53 recognized and thanked the alumni committee. Pat Umland, '59, reported on the 2012 attendance, donations and bills.

Kay (Edwards) Hopp, '62, Alvo-Eagle, president of the Alvo Cemetery Association kicked off a fund drive to replace wind-damaged flagpoles from severe storms in the past two years.

The oldest Oriole was Verna (Vickers) Smith, '36 and her husband John from Beatrice. Next oldest was Hilton Rogers, '41 from outside Alvo. The 60 year honor class of 1953 was represented by Leila (Nickel) Johnson and Richard Printz of Lincoln, and Harry Weichel of Ralston.

 Out of state Orioles attending were: Bud '54 & Liz Herrmann, Bella Vista, AR; LaVonne (Howe) McManaman, '56 & Bennie, Atchison, KS; Robert Roelofsz, '58, Loveland, CO; and Jim, '60 & Karla Winget, Hemet, CA.

LaVane Johnson, Eagle, was a special guest of Jim & Karla Winget. Other welcome guests were: Jim Weichel and Ardith (Howe) Ziegenbein, Ashland; Tammy Rogers, Lincoln; and Trisha (Copple) Eaton, rural Alvo.

After the excellent meal (home-cooked) the Gathering continued with dessert, conversation, renewing friendships and stories (most of which were true).

Pat (Roelofsz) Umland, '59

Alvo Consolidated High School


AHS 2013 1

A pretty unruly crowd at the Alvo Fire & Rescue Station

              AHS 2013 4

Jim '60 and Karla Winget, Hemet, CA - "It's a lot warmer in California!"


AHS 2013 5

The cousins - Darlene Johnson Todd, '54; LaVane Johnson, '60 Eagle; Kay Edwards Hopp, '62 Alvo - Eagle

                                                                Methodist Church Basement Ladies

The Methodist Church Basement Ladies, Annette Dougherty and Bonnie Rosenboom

Photos courtesy Karen (Edwards) Hopp, '62 Alvo-Eagle


Alvo's population almost doubled on the 27th, which is very cool. In our small town, it's those who chip in and help that make it special. We really are thankful that the Gathering is held here, and though the late night noise is a little unsettling, at least no one called the Sheriff's Department this year.

Seriously, we are glad to see those miles away stay connected to the place they left many years ago.

See you Alvo Orioles next year!

"Not every human will love a dog, but every dog will love a human." - Anonymous (seen on the donation box at Ashland No-Frills)

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