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Village of Alvo Newsletter - April 17, 2013

Where is Spring?

Wow! First week is done and the site has taken some baby steps.

Mother Nature can't make up her mind whether it will rain or snow, which is confusing the heck out of our irises - they have had to sprout up twice. Our walnut trees are not leafing out until it's warm, even though the silver maple thinks it's bud time, along with the flowering crab apple. Yet the grass needs to be mowed.

Good luck, farmers - we are still in a drought.

OK folks, time to be a contributor to the Alvo Web Site. Those that can remember the Post Office know that a monthly calendar was posted with meeting dates, birthdays, yard sales, etc. Replacing that calendar with one on line is the next agenda item. So, if there is a significant day in your life such as birthday, wedding anniversary, birth of child, grandchild, nephew, niece, gerbil, Schnauzer, 4-H calf or lamb, confirmation, rain dance, graduation, exorcism, club or organizational meeting, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop a line to Editor, 135 Main Street, Alvo, NE 68304 and it will be put on the calendar within a day or so.

Want to get really involved? In 2015, Alvo will be 125 years old and can legally celebrate its Quasquicentennial Anniversary! That means whatever we want it to mean and to be successful, we need to start now. I'm throwing Pat Umland under the bus here to be the contact person for those interested in helping plan this CELEBRATION! Call her at 402-781-2096 - she will put you to work. This is a great way to meet some of the characters that inhabit this quirky community.

Useful General Information

You must have a burn permit before you burn that pile of leaves, tree branches, scrap lumber. To get a permit, call Fire Chief Rick Koutecky at 402-326-1714. Have a large burn pile? Call Rick and arrange to have a crew standby so there won't be any excitement.

If you have tried to call the Village phone, it jumps over to the fax very quickly in about 2 rings - this should be corrected soon, so you can leave voice messages.



"Let's be careful out there." - Sgt. Phil Esterhaus (Michael Conrad) of "Hill Street Blues"

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