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  • It is Unique.

    It is Unique.

    It is one of a kind. No other community in the United States is known by the name "ALVO". Early settlers had come to this area as early as 1869, they had established post-offices, school district and towns. The railroad was the main means of transportation , so towns were established along it's lines.

    Alvo reportedly received its name from the first child born after the community began to form around the depot. Her name was Alvo and she was the daughter of the railroad's master.

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April 9th Events


2013 Japan set Patriot missiles in central Tokyo and Okinawa Island and sent two warships to patrol the Sea of Japan
2012 The broadway show, 'The Lion King', becomes the highest grossing show of all time, overtaking 'Phantom of the Opera'
2012 Facebook purchases Instagram, a photo sharing application, for $1 billion
2011 Iowa's Monona County, located in the midwestern United States, is hit by a tornado
2010 Rescuers search for over 200 people believed to be buried in their homes by a landslide in Murro do Bumba near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1994 Singer Wayne Newton (52) weds attorney Kathleen McCrone (30) - When she's 65, he'll be 87
1993 Colorado Rockies 1st home game and 1st victory, 11-4 over Mont Expos - For my Colorado brother-in-law
1992 U.S. Federal court finds Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega guilty of drug crimes - Lost his CIA benefit package, too
1991 Date of Microsoft MS DOS 5.0
1990 World's largest bunny hop at Radio City Music Hall in New York City
1989 Mike Tyson strikes a parking attendant when asked to move his carGuess the anger management sessions didn't work
1989 Washington D.C. march supporting 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision
1986 "Dallas" announces it will revive killed Bobby Ewing character
1981 U.S. submarine George Washington rams Japanese freighter Nisso Maru
1979 Longest doubles ping-pong match of 101 hours, begins - Doubles game that lasted until April 13th
1976 U.S. and Russia agreed on size of nuclear tests for peaceful use - Don't understand this one at all
1974 Padres owner Ray Kroc, addresses fans "Ladies and gentlemen, I suffer with you I've never seen such stupid baseball playing in my life"
1973 Otto Kerner, former governor of Illinois, convicted for his role in an illegal racetrack scheme - Proving that Democrats take bribes, too
1971 Ringo releases "It Don't Come Easy" in UK
1970 Paul McCartney announces official split of Beatles
1969 1st flight of Concorde 002 (Filton-Bristol)
1968 Martin Luther King, Jr., buried in Atlanta
1968 Ralph Aberbathy elected to head So Christian Leadership Conference - Succeeding Martin Luther King, Jr.
1967 1st Boeing 737 rolls out
1965 Beatles "Ticket to Ride" is released in U.K.
1965 1st game at Astrodome, Houston beats Yankees 2-1 in exhibition as Mickey Mantle hits 1st indoor homerun
1963 Winston Churchill becomes 1st honorary U.S. citizen
1962 34th Academy Awards - "West Side Story," - The motion picture, not the stage production
1962 John F. Kennedy throws out 1st ball at Washington's new DC Stadium
1959 NASA names 1st 7 astronauts for Project Mercury - Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper and Deke Slayton - John Glenn, the oldest, is the only one still alive
1957 Suez Canal cleared for all shipping - Had to be done again after the 73 Israel/Egypt war
1955 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1953 "TV Guide" publishes 1st issue
1950 Bob Hope's 1st TV appearance
1947 Atomic Energy Commission confirmed
1947 Tornadoes striking West Texas and Oklahoma kill 169, injuring 1,300
1945 Liberty ship at Bari Italy carrying aerial bombs explodes, kills 360
1945 NFL requires players to wear long stockings
1942 Battle of Bataan, U.S. and Filipino forces overwhelmed by Japanese
1940 German cruiser Blucher torpedoed and capsizes in Oslofjord, 1,000 die
1940 Germany invades Norway and Denmark during WW II, Denmark surrenders
1939 Marian Anderson sings before 75,000 at Lincoln Memorial - After the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to let her sing in Constitution Hall - She died April 8th 1993
1928 Mae West's New York City debut in a daring new play "Diamond Lil"
1927 Italy and U.S. anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti given death sentences
1925 Babe Ruth rushed to hospital - He had a bleeding ulcer from his drinking, eating and drinking
1917 Battle of Arras begins
1917 Vimy Ridge France stormed by Canadian troops
1914 1st full color film shown "World, Flesh and Devil" in London
1914 Tampico incident - U.S. ship crew arrested in Mexico
1912 Titanic leaves Queenstown, Ireland for New York - That trip did not last long - hit the iceberg 6 days later
1906 3rd modern Olympic games opens in Athens
1878 1st Lady Lucy Hayes begins egg rolling contest on White House lawn
1872 Samuel R. Percy patents dried milk
1870 American Anti-Slavery Society dissolves
1869 Hudson Bay Company cedes it's territory to Canada
1866 Civil Rights Bill passes over President Andrew Johnson's veto
1865 Federals capture Ft. Blakely, Alabama
1865 Robert E. Lee and 26,765 troops, surrender to U.S. Grant at Appomattox
1864 Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, 2870 causalities
1833 1st tax-supported public library in Peterborough, New Hampshire
1831 Robert Jenkins loses an ear, starts war between Britain and Spain
1829 Danzig (Gdansk) dike break flood kills 1,200
1816 African Methodist Episcopal Church organizes in Philadelphia
1770 Captain James Cook discovers Botany Bay (Australia)
1682 Robert La Salle claims lower Mississippi (Louisiana) for France
1667 1st public art exhibition (Palais-Royale, Paris)
1483 Edward V (12) succeeds Edward IV as king of England - With his younger brother Richard of Shrewsbury was confined in the Tower of London after 86 days of his uncrowned reign. Both brothers disappeared, rumored to have been killed by or on the orders of their uncle Richard III - sure was tough being a king or prince in those days
1241 Battle of Liegnitz - Mongol armies defeat Poles and Germans





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