Saturday, December 15, 2018

Editor's Take XVII

A couple of reviews and some thoughts.

Snow White by Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company - If you want to see how talented young dancers can be - go see any production by these outstanding dancers. LMBC's best-known production is Nutcracker during Christmas - but there is no loss of perfection in this production.

Costumes - gorgeous!

Sets - the artwork on the scrim curtains was impeccable and set changes took seconds, not minutes.

Makeup - professional quality.

Dancing - 99.9% (one fall in the chorus, but I think I'm the only one who noticed) - no shakiness, great extension, graceful hand positions.

Highlight(s) - Several - but my vote goes to the seven dwarfs (if my last name was Tolkien it would be dwarves). They carried their characters so well just by expression, costumes and dance that you could identify them easily. Also, the choreographer got these pre-teen girls to dance like boys - now that's amazing. They neve lost character, even during the curtain call.

Lowlight - The crowd didn't think these kids deserved a standing ovation - what gives?

My recommendation - any chance you get to see these astounding dancers - take it!

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Bill Maher - Here's where I'll probably offend some of you. He is accused of being a liberal - he is. He is accused of picking on tea partiers, Republicans and religion - he does (he also rips Democrats, liberals and hypocrites). He backs up his statements with statistics - which confounds people who rely on any form of faith (supply side economics, the one percenters create jobs, the world will end in our lifetimes, global warming does not exist, defense contractors aren't takers, Buddhism, Christianity (Protestant and Catholic), Judaism, Islam or any other belief in imaginary beings). He also questioned why the government pays farmers not to farm (that took a lot of guts in this state), congress authorizes constructon of tanks the army can't use, and why the U.S. ranks 37th in quality of health care in the world.

Anyway it was a good chance for the minority parties (Democrats and Libertarians) to be raucous without worrying about offending their next door neighbors - although there were some protesters and police outside the Lied.

Bill Maher is an outstanding stand up comic - sort of like Jeff Dunham without the puppets.

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"It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so." - Robert A. Heinlein

Had to visit the tax man today, and like most, I don't like the bite taken out of my retirement distributions in the form of state and federal taxes and that they don't spend that money on the programs I think are important. But government does things that private business does NOT do and never will. And government programs need funding.

I transported a neonatal team from point A to point B recently and neither the newborn in the isolette or the mother had any insurance at all - not even Medicaid. What that means - the hospitals on each end of the trip will eat the cost of caring for this baby and the ambulance company will eat the cost of transporting the infant. What that really means - the next time you are hospitalized, your bill will be increased an unknown amount to pay for the little one and others who can't pay. If my contribution to the state of Nebraska were to provide health insurance for these patients rather than for a new plane, I would be happier.

If we had a true democracy, we would have majority rule, but when people don't vote, a minority of the citizens of a village, city, county, state or country will direct that entity.

I'll probably feel more positive tomorrow.