Monday, October 22, 2018

Letter to the Editor, April 1st, 2014

Support the Viking Band by feeding your face.



Dear friends and family,

I've launched "Waverly Viking Band Fundraiser", a fundraising campaign, and I need your help. My goal is to raise $100 between Mar 31 2014 and May 08 2014.

Schwan's will give 20% of your product purchase and 40% of your eCertificate purchase (one per customer, per campaign) back to our campaign and you'll get great food for your friends and family! Support me by clicking on the following link.

Link to the band's campaign

Link to order site

If you are already a Schwan's customer, please consider placing your next order through my link.

If you would be a new customer to Schwan's, please consider trying some of their great products!.  Simply order through my link and a Schwan's delivery driver will deliver them right to your door.

Thanks for your support,

Sierra Umland