Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Why are You Burning?

2665 N 176th 20140315 1
Holdrege to Adams, 162nd to 176th streets - fire started at about 3:00 PM from a riding lawn mower - now it's 10:00 PM. Thanks to the Salvation Army for food and drink - if you are looking for a good cause for donations, try the Salvation Army.
604 B 20140317 7
B Street in Otoe County - paged at 3:48 PM - only took about an hour to soak. Looking north with the wind from the south - brush and grass at on the slope and trees, grass and a cornfield on the north side of the road.
People - It's dry out there - don't burn ANYTHING outdoors. Eagle, Alvo, and most of the other volunteer fire departments in the state have been fighting wildfires full time since March 9th. Eagle and Alvo have been dispatched 11 times starting on March 9th. Causes have been a lawn mower fire; unattended scrap tree fire and cigarettes.
Once again - Nebraska has a permanent state wide open burning ban 365 days a year. The legal way to burn is to request a burn permit from your local fire chief for a specific date and time. If the National Weather Service issues a Red Flag Warning, no open burns are permitted. Red Flag Warnings are issued when temperature is warm, humidity is low and wind is strong - making any wildfire more dangerous due primarily to its rapid spread.
Neither Alvo Fire Chief Koutecky, Eagle Fire Chief Oetjen or Greenwood Fire Chief Sobota  are issuing permits until further notice.
Burning without a permit is a citable offence .
(pdf document)
(pdf document)