Monday, October 22, 2018

February events in Alvo History


February 7th, 1886 - Dunkard Cemetery's (now Brethren Cemetery) first burial was the infant son of M.I. and Rosa Keefer.

February 12th, 1891 - Alvo Post Office established with Samuel Cashner as first Postmaster.

February 17th, 1892 - Charles C. Bucknell - 2nd Postmaster.

February 7th, 1896 - Fountain DeVore - 3rd Postmaster - evidently this was not a career position.

February 1904 - Alvo Cemetery's first burial was Mrs. Catherine Marletta Stevens.

February 11th, 1937 - Horse and equipment sale by J.B. Elliot, the John Deere Dealer. He would take draft horses and farm equipment in trade for tractors (John Deere, of course) and then sell them at public auction.

February 4th, 1967 - The Alvo Consolidated School building was torn down. It had been designed for 50 years of life when it was built in 1917.

Taken from the "Alvo Centennial 1890 - 1990" book prepared by the PIA (People Involved in Alvo)

Annette Dougherty, Patricia Umland, Cindy Nobbe, Jayne Kreifels & Karen Morgan