Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Editor's Take XIV

If you want to bring yourself down to earth, meet with your financial advisor and figure out how to handle you and your significant other's retirement distributions after either of you dies. Suffice to say, our mood matched the frigid overcast weather after the meeting. The law requires that you HAVE to start taking distributions from retirement accounts when you reach 70 1/2 (which in itself is depressing). If you do not make provisions for a beneficiary to continue collecting from your account when you die, any remaining funds revert to your employer (which really does suck). So once you have this figured out, check with your account representative and make sure that you get what the notification letter says you will get. (Record their name, date and time of the call.) Once all that is done, it's Miller time.

We didn't start laughing until we went to the Jeff Dunham performance at the Pinnacle Bank Arena - we laughed until tears ran and our abdominal muscles hurt.

That brings me to one of my major pet peeves about Nebraska audiences - the tendency of a significant number of people who leave before the last joke is told, the last encore song is played, the last whistle is blown or the fat lady sings. That is just rude. Granted that a well known performer will gross hundreds of thousands of dollars at a large venue (think Pinnacle arena) - they deserve the applause for a great performance. High school and college athletes don't get paid and leaving early because your team is losing (or winning) is disrespectful. They work hard to represent their school and/or community and deserve the applause of their fans - that's the only reward they get. Singers, musicians, dancers, comedians, live stage actors that give outstanding performances (the Lied Center, the Lofte Community Theatre, Lincoln Community Playhouse, any live music venue) deserve standing ovations, not people leaving just to beat the traffic. We have a wealth of talent in Nebraska that deserves enthusiastic recognition for their efforts.

So get off your donkeys when you attend a class play, live concert, community theater production, athletic competition or performance and applaud until your hands hurt.

"Don't bet against Mother Nature." - Mad Dog