Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Editor's Take XII

I have 3 readers!! 2 emails today, one asking whether including news about people living outside the corporate limits was OK - you bet! The other pointed out that the Shabby Koop in Eagle has been closed for months - we hope Sandy reopens it - if she does, support her business, please.

Quote from one of the readers - "I realize sometimes (most of the time) not much is going on in little Old Alvo, but hey, it’s been that way since I was a kid!  Just a sleepy little town where everyone knew everyone. Kids were safe everywhere in town, your folks knew before you got home if you were in trouble at school, or if you had been up to mischief (Halloween)!" Folks, that is so true, and is one of the features of small community living that has kind of dwindled away as we became a bedroom village. The easy way out is to ignore your neighbors, not participate in any community activities, don't support local businesses and organizations. I would rather see us help our neighbors rather than complain about them. I would rather have someone ask "How can I help?" rather than "You should stop" this, that or the other thing somebody else is doing when they attend a board meeting. When asked to participate actively, these people "don't have time" or some other shallow reason(s).

Not everyone in Alvo is a complainer: We are fortunate to have the Methodist Church Basement Ladies; the Western Feeders 4-H Club leaders; Planning Commission members; Village Board members; volunteer firefighters on Alvo Fire Department and volunteer EMTs on Alvo Rescue Squad; and neighbors who will help someone who has fallen on the ice.

Karen thanks Marc for his help when she fell.

Concerning personal events or milestones - if you think your life happenings aren't interesting, you don't know until others know about them. As I've written before, better to let me know the truth rather than have me make something up.

Have a happy 2014

Dave, Karen and the menagerie