Monday, October 22, 2018

New Year's Days Before This One

45 BC - The Julian calendar takes effect for the first time.
1 - Origin of Christian Era 2013 years and we still can't get along with one another
404 - Last gladiator competition in Rome
630 - The Prophet Muhammad sets out toward Mecca with the army that captures it bloodlessly
990 - Russia adopts Julian calendar
1430 - Jews of Sicily are no longer required to attend conversionist services
1502 - Portuguese navigators discover Rio de Janeiro
1583 - 1st day of the Gregorian calendar in Holland & Flanders
1610 - German astronomer Simon Marius 1st discovers the Jupiter moons, but does not officially report it, Galileo does on July 1 1610
1673 - Regular mail delivery begins between NY & Boston
1700 - Protestant Western Europe (except England) begin using Gregorian calendar
1772 - First traveler's cheques go on sale in London, can be used in 90 European cities
First US President George Washington 1776 - Gen George Washington hoists Continental Union Flag
1781 - 1,500 soldiers of the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment under General Anthony Wayne's command rebel against the Continental Army's winter camp in Morristown, New Jersey as part of the Pennsylvania (Continentals; Regiment) Mutiny of 1781 Bet you didn't know that
1788 - Quakers in Pennsylvania emancipate their slaves It takes almost one hundred years for the rest of the "Land of the freee" to do the same thing
1797 - Albany replaces NYC as capital of NY
1801 - The Irish Parliament votes to join the Kingdom of Great Britain, forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Sometime later, Northern Ireland said no and the bullets started flying
1801 - The dwarf planet Ceres is discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi.
1808 - Congress prohibits importation of slaves
1818 - Official reopening of the White House
Abolitionist William Lloyd GarrisonAbolitionist William Lloyd Garrison 1831 - William Lloyd Garrison publishes 1st issue of abolitionist journal
1838 - 1st official horse race in South Australia-Adelaide
1840 - 1st recorded bowling match in US, Knickerbocker Alleys, NYC
1842 - First illustrated weekly magazine in US publishes 1st issue, NYC
1847 - Michigan is 1st state to abolish capital punishment
1852 - 1st US public bath opens, in NYC
1853 - 1st practical fire engine (horse-drawn) in US enters service
1854 - Lincoln University, a black college, chartered (Oxford, Penn)
1858 - Canada begins using decimal currency system  Instead of pounds, shillings and pence
1860 - Slavery ends of in Neth Indies
1861 - President Lincoln declares slavery in Confederate states unlawful
1862 - 1st US income tax (3% of incomes > $600, 5% of incomes > $10,000) Today it goes the other way - the more you make, the less you pay
1862 - Battle of Ft McRee, FL Battle of Port Royal, SC (Port Royal Ferry)
1863 - 1st homestead under the Homestead Act claimed, near Beatrice, Nebr
1863 - Battle of Galveston, Texas-Confederates recapture the city
1863 - Emancipation Proclamation (ending slavery) issued by Lincoln
1874 - New York City annexes the Bronx
1876 - The Reichsbank opens in Berlin
1880 - Building of Panama Canal begins
1881 - Dr John H Watson is introduced to Sherlock Holmes
1886 - 1st Tournament of Roses (Pasadena California)
1892 - Ellis Island becomes reception center for new immigrants Now some want to build a fence
1893 - 1st US college extension courses for credit, Univ of Chicago
1893 - Japan adopts the Gregorian calendar
Physicist and Nobel Laureate Wilhelm RöntgenPhysicist and Nobel Laureate Wilhelm Röntgen 1896 - Wilhelm Röntgen announces his discovery of x-rays
1897 - 1st football game between black colleges-Atlanta U 10, Tuskegee 0
1898 - Brooklyn merges with NY to form present City of NY
1899 - Cuba liberated from Spain by US (Natl Day) (US occupies till 1902)
1902 - 1st Rose Bowl game (Pasadena, California) (U of Mich-49, Sanford-0)
1902 - Nathan Stubblefield makes 1st public demonstration of radio, Pennsylvania
1904 - Netherland Indies colony begins opium production
1906 - Dutch law makes driver's license mandatory
26th US President Theodore Roosevelt 1907 - Pres Theodore Roosevelt shakes a record 8,513 hands in 1 day First known incident of repetitive strain disorder
1908 - 1st time the ball signifying new year dropped at Times Square
1912 - 1st running of SF's famed "Bay to Breakers" race (7.63 miles/12.3 km)
1912 - The Republic of China is established.
1913 - Post office begins parcel post deliveries
1914 - 1st scheduled airline flight, St Petersburg-Tampa (Tony Jannus pilot)
1916 - 1st football game in Rose Bowl (Washington State-Brown)
1916 - 1st issue of "Journal of Negro History" published
Ford Motor Company Founder Henry Ford Ford Motor Company Founder Henry Ford

1919 - Edsel Ford succeeds his father, Henry Ford, as president of the Ford Motor Company Starts designing the Edsel
1922 - Vancouver, BC starts driving on the right side of road
1923 - Union of Socialist Soviet Republics established
1928 - 1st US air-conditioned office building opens, San Antonio
1932 - The United States Post Office Department issues a set of 12 stamps commemorating the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth
1934 - Alcatraz officially becomes a federal prison
1934 - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (US bank guarantor) effective
1934 - Nazi Germany passes the "Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring" If you were Jewish, gay or communist, you were genetically diseased
1935 - 1st Sugar Bowl & 1st Orange Bowl
1935 - Eastern Airlines hires Eddie Rickenbacker as General Manager
1936 - 1st newspaper to microfilm its current issues, NY Herald Tribune
1937 - US Army Air Corps physiological research laboratory completed, Ohio
1937 - Safety glass in vehicle windscreens becomes mandatory in Great Britain
1939 - Sydney, Australia, swelters in 45.3 ˚C (113.5 ˚F) heat, a record for the city
1942 - US & 25 other countries sign a united declaration against the Axis
1944 - Gen Clark replaces Gen Patton as commander of 7th Army
1945 - France joins the UN
1946 - ENIAC, US 1st computer finished by Mauchly/Eckert
1946 - Emperor Hirohito of Japan announces he is not a god
1948 - 1st color newsreel filmed (Pasadena, California)
Vietnamese Communist Revolutionary Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh 1950 - Ho Chi Minh begins offensive against French troops in Indo China
1956 - A new year event causes panic and stampedes at Yahiko Shrine, Yahiko, central Niigata, Japan, killing at least 124 people
1957 - International Geophysical Year begins; ends 6/30/1958 (18-mo year)
1957 - An Irish Republican Army (IRA) unit attacks Brookeborough RUC barracks in one of the most famous incidents of the IRA's Operation Harvest
1958 - Treaties establish European Economic Community (Common Market)
Cuban President and Dictator Fulgencio BatistaCuban President and Dictator Fulgencio Batista 1959 - Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista flees Cuba for the Dominican Republic
Country Singer Johnny Cash1960 - Johnny Cash plays 1st of many free concerts behind bars
1961 - Largest check issued, Natl Bank of Chicago to Sears ($960.242 billion)
1962 - Beatles' Decca audition is unsuccessful
1962 - United States Navy SEALs established
1965 - International Cooperation Year begins
1965 - Palestinian al-Fatah organization forms
1965 - The People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan is founded in Kabul
1966 - Simon & Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence" reaches #1
1966 - All US cigarette packs have to carry "Caution Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health"
Motorcycle Daredevil Evel Knievel 1968 - Evel Knievel fails in his attempt to jump Caesar's Palace Fountain
1970 - Afro-American Historical Calendar Series Established
1971 - Cigarette advertisements banned on TV
1972 - International Book Year begins
1974 - NBC radio begins on the hour news 24 hours a day (following CBS lead)
1974 - World Population Year begins
1975 - Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell & Mardian convicted of Watergate crime
1975 - International Women's Year begins
1976 - Liberty Bell moves to new home behind Independence Hall
1976 - NBC replaces the peacock logo
1976 - Venezuela nationalizes oil fields
1977 - 1st woman formally ordained an Episcopal priest (Jacqueline Means)
1979 - International Year of the Child begins
1979 - US & China (Peoples Republic) begin diplomatic relations
1980 - International Decade of Water & Sanitation begins
1981 - International Year for the Disabled begins
1983 - World Communications Year begins
1983 - TCP/IP protocols become the only approved protocol on the ARPANET, replacing the earlier NCP protocol
1984 - AT&T's 22 owned Bell system companies divests into 8 companies But AT&T kept Western Electric, long distance, Yellow Pages, Bell Labs and the trademark
1984 - NYC transit fare rises from 75 cents to 90 cents
1985 - International Youth Year begins
1985 - US's 1st manadatory seat belt law goes into effect (NY)
1985 - VH-1 made its broadcasting debut
1985 - The Internet's Domain Name System is created.
1986 - International Peace Year begins We all can see how that worked out - during 1986, there were 35 wars underway, none of which ended in 1986
1986 - NYC transit fare rises from 90 cents to $1.00
1987 - 60 bodies recovered in Dupont Plaza Hotel fire in Puerto Rico
1987 - International Year of Shelter for Homeless begins That's worked out almost as well as the International Peace Year
1988 - Year of the Reader begins
1989 - NYC transit fare rises from $1.00 to $1.15
1989 - Year of the Young Reader begins That worked really well - many high school graduates can't read at grade level
1990 - David Dinkins sworn in as 1st black mayor of NYC
1992 - Bush is 1st US president to address Australian Parliament That was the non-draft dodging George Bush
1992 - International Space Year begins
1993 - Cigarette advertisements are banned in NYC's MTA
1995 - International Year of Tolerance 1995 had the 5th highest number of hate crimes from 1995-2007 - another one that worked a bit
1995 - Last "Far Side" by cartoonist Gary Larson (started 1980) One of my favorite cartoonists
Cartoonist Gary LarsonCartoonist Gary Larson
1998 - All California bars, clubs & card rooms must be smoke-free
1998 - US Census Bureau estimates population at 268,921,733
1999 - International Year of Elderly
1999 - The Euro currency is introduced
2000 - Gisbourne, New Zealand - population 32,754 is first city in the world to welcome in the new millennium This was the beginning of fear reporting and it really took off on 9/11/2001
2002 - The Open Skies mutual surveillance treaty, initially signed in 1992, officially comes into force Which the NSA has scrupuously obeyed
2008 - A New Hampshire law legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples comes into effect.
2009 - 61 die in nightclub fire in Bangkok, Thailand.
2010 - Suicide car bomb detonates at a volleyball tournament in Lakki Marwat, Pakistan, killing 105 and injuring 100
2013 - Sydney, Austrailia sets a new high temperature record of 45.8 degrees C (114.4 degrees F)
2013 - 13 Boko Harem members are killed by Nigeria’s military in Maiduguri
2013 - 60 people are killed and 200 are injured after a stampede following New Year celebrations
2013 - 18 people are killed and 16 wounded after a bus and mini-bus collision in Thiès, Senegal
2013 - 10 people are killed and 120 are injured in a stampede in Luanda, Angola
2013 - US bi-partisan deal temporarily avoids the fiscal cliff What a bunch of losers

History shows us why EMS is a growth industry.

"You can educate ignorance, but you can't fix stupid." - Anonymous pre-hospital care provider