Monday, October 22, 2018

Rodizio Brazilian Steakhouse Review


Pricey but worth it. Rodizio opened in the Haymarket in August, 2013. It is moderately pricey, but way cheaper than flying to Rio de Janeiro, Teresina or Sao Paulo for authentic Brazilian menu and service. Karen and I took our niece to lunch to celebrate end of finals at UNL and were very impressed. The salad bar has both standard and Brazilian salads and starches - in fact, you can gorge yourself just on the salad bar. The entrees are served on skewers or swords and the waiter slices off portions that you request. Beef (sirloin and tendrloin), pork, pork sausage, chicken (glazed and barbecued) and glazed pineapple were served on our visit. Muito bem!!! I broke my diet for the Brazilian cinnamon rolls with vanilla ice cream - Impressionate! Karen had the Brazilian Flan - excelente!! Ashley stuck to her midwest roots and scarfed the creme brule - Saboroso!

The servers were very polite, dressed in Brazilian clothing and never let our plates stay empty. We have been in Brazil and this food is authentic, so be prepared to have your taste buds super stimulated.


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Location - 737 P Street Lincoln, NE 68508


Monday – Thursday

Lunch Menu: 11am-3:45pm Dinner Menu: 4pm-9pm

Friday - Saturday

Lunch Menu: 11am-3:45pm Dinner Menu: 4pm-10pm


Brunch Menu: 11am-3:45pm Dinner Menu: 4pm-9pm