Monday, October 22, 2018

Guest Editorial


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

This week I attended Bible Study and the comment I heard gave me a lot to think about.  A woman said she had heard this statement from a friend, “I can't wait until all this Christmas stuff is over.” 

This Christmas stuff?  What is this Christmas stuff being discussed? 

I enjoy Advent and Christmas.  I like the beauty of the lights, the sounds of music, the gift shopping, cookie baking and entertaining. The art of giving without people knowing who the gift came from.  I enjoy the afternoon tea and the gathering of friends and love ones. Children's programs and choirs, who have practiced long and hard not only to perform but also offer their gifts to our Lord. Yes Christmas is very special to me. 

When I started comparing the difference in the two attitudes I chuckled to myself.  Yes if Christmas is only the stuff then the true spirit is missing.  Christmas is spending as much time with God as we do with all the other commitments calling our name.  Christmas is reading the story over and over again as if it is the first time.  Christmas is sitting in the silence to hear God once again speak to the heart of his people.  Christmas is singing the words and not just a song. 

Christmas is allowing God's Holy Spirit once again move the heart of his people. 

Christmas is not about the stuff “out there.” It is about the stuff inside, in your heart and soul.  You are the only one who can change the attitude of Christmas and the easiest way is to spend time with the giver of the first Christmas gift, our Heavenly Father.  Jesus Christ came to dwell among us, let him dwell in your heart this year and truly experience this Christmas season.

Pastor Dorthea Fairbanks

Alvo United Methodist Church