Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Editor's Take VIII

Sorry, folks, here comes a rant.

Why is the word choice of the Nebraska football coach spoken 2 years ago way more important than what happened in the Washington Navy Yard yesterday?

My partner and I were standing by at a high school football game and could only find 1 talk radio station out of a dozen that was covering the shooting. The rest were analyzing the loss to UCLA or Bo Pelini's adjective, verb and noun choice. He evidently is unaware that many people can record words and actions in real time and post them on the internet within seconds of the incident. He is the face of UNL athletics, which puts him under the microscope most of his waking hours. Those who think that Bo's language is THE topic of the day need to reassess their values and priorities.

I remind our firefighters and emergency medical technicians that every time they are on a call, they are likely being recorded by at least one smart phone.

Until next week - Dave

"Nebraska football is only a game." - Gypsi's mom.

"This is not the world in which I grew up." - the Mad Dog.