Monday, October 22, 2018

Greenblatt & Seay Fiddlers Winners

Congratulations to all the current and former Schoolhouse Music Students who participated in the 20th Annual Tallgrass Prairie Fiddle Festival at the Homestead National Monument in Beatrice!  They were all terrific, in spite of the extreme heat.
Bryan,  Lilli, Dottie, and Ethne attended the free fiddle workshop in the morning, and Bryan also participated in the free harmonica workshop.
Caleb, Maddyn, Sophie, Taylor and Lilli shared some of their best performances in the Junior Division (for fiddlers who have been playing 5 years or less. 
Lilli won the “Oldest Fiddler” award. (She is the youngest fiddler to win the Oldest Fiddler award.) 
In the Senior Division (for fiddlers who have been playing 5 years or more), Cari-lynn won 3rd Place, Grace won 2nd Place, and Mindy won 1st Place.  
Grace won the free fiddle/bow/case!
Next year’s event is on Saturday, May 25, 1919!
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