Saturday, December 15, 2018

Space Museum Reviews

Two Reviews for the price of one


The FishHeads - highly talented group that plays their own and others music so well that I just listen and don't take many pictures.

FishHeads2 2 Escalator view

FishHeads2 4 Dance like no one is watching - yes!

  Rhythm and voice - way cool!  FishHeads2 6

FishHeads2 7

This musician plays 2 keyboards and sings at the same time - best I can do is walk and chew gum without stumbling.

FishHeads2 9 Lead singer and lead guitar (and the bass guy) rock out - lead singer sings like McGraw.


Omaha Guitar Trio - Classically trained - play great music and you can listen and converse at the same time. Young in age - not in talent.

OGT2013 10 Three different guitars blended to make some awesome music.

OGT2013 11 This guy has some really fast hands - flamenco, anyone?

Looks serious - having fun producing some cool melodies.  OGT2013 12

OGT2013 21

All acoustic - different from the older guys - If you get a chance - you will enjoy this very talented trio.