Saturday, December 15, 2018

Editor's Take VI

Hey folks - there is a really good cause for you to give up this Sunday night watching TCM, Cinemax, ESPN or any of the "reality" shows that are polluting the network and cable channels. Nathan Houfek died at 13 - that is way too young. His family needs emotional and financial support - a great way to do that is eat spaghetti and put something extra in the donation jar. Remember - the Eagles Club in Plattsmouth - August 25th - no better reason to be there.

Obviously a subscriber was upset over something in last week's newsletter and decided to unsubscribe - that's OK - subscribing to the Alvo newsletter is your choice. I would love to have some feedback - positive or negative - as long as you can use words with more than four letters.

Here is a REMINDER - There is more to this newsletter than the home page. If you place your mouse arrow carefully on each of the topics you can find out stuff:

Village Office - office hours, phone number, ordinances (not up to date - but that is coming)

What's New - Hey ALL the previous newsletters are here - if you are a retired English teacher you can criticize the spelling and grammar; if you are a stickler for detail, find the inconsistencies

    Under What's New is the Upcoming Events news items - even the ones that are long past or never happened

Local Business has a listing of all the Alvo Entrepenuers that are working hard to provide goods or services to their neighbors (If you are going to spend money - spend it locally)

Community Organizations - What people have come together to accomplish goals - in this community, they are usually volunteering time and effort

That's it for another week




Now I'm down three reviews of the live music at the Strategic Air and Space Museum - NOT SAC museum - SAC no longer exists. Will try to catch up.


"Never trust a dog to watch your food." - Anonymous