Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Editor's Take XXXV

It's been a long time since I've vented about what is going in the world - recent happenings are making me wonder what is wrong with us. These thoughts are mine - not given to me by a politician or minister or talk show personality or producer or right wing or left wing or guru of any sort.

A mentally unstable or ill person should not be allowed to purchase or own weapons. He or she shouldn't be able to have adriver's license. He or she SHOULD get psychiatric treatment, even if they can't pay - because it's cheaper to treat them than to pay for 59 or 8 or 26 funerals and transport and treat the tens or hundreds of wounded.

OK, these things happened a long way from Alvo so it's not going to happen here, right? When Karen and I answered our first call as licensed EMTs to a shooting, the shooter watched our ambulance pull into the yard (he still had the rifle with which he'd just shot the homeowner), but for some reason he didn't shoot at us (he maybe recognized us). That was in 1981 and today our EMS supply representative is offering us a really good deal on ballistic vests.

We have a grand nephew who has received death threats by social media from classmates in his high school. He's been kicked, shoved, hit and threatened in person. He's 14 years old. One of his bullies has been suspended for two days - that's really going to change behavior.

22 veterans a day commit suicide - if this is accurate it will only take seven years and three months to pass the total combat deaths in Vietnam. So thanks, you draft dodging politicians who are killing us twice, either in combat or after we are home. So don't bother to thank me for my service - you probably don't really understand - or care.