Monday, October 22, 2018

Editor's Take III

I would sincerely thank all of the folks that came to Alvo for the Spaghetti Feed – you all are the ones that made this work. The unsung heroes are the wives, kids and friends that asked for raffle donations, cleaned the Fire and Rescue Station, cooked, served and cleaned up afterward. They are the support staff that let us be able to host these events. I apologize if I omitted anyone from earlier recognition.

Looking forward, Karen and I attended a solid waste management meeting with representatives from other communities, a pair of County Commissioners, representatives from garbage collection companies and recycling businesses. One major thing we learned is that the Sarpy County Landfill is closing in a year and it will become a collection station for solid waste that will be then transferred somewhere else. The net result is that our costs are likely to increase. We need to get serious about recycling – we also learned that about 40-60% of garbage or waste is recyclable.

One option is to establish a landfill in Cass County – guess what?? Nobody wants a landfill in their neighborhood.

Another option discussed is to establish a landfill and recycling center in the county, but right now, it would not be profitable for a private business unless more communities would move to universal recycling. The county recycling trailer hasn’t worked for Alvo, since one or more people used it as a garbage receptacle.

So far, the best means to motivate people to recycle is to have curbside recycling, with one container for garbage and refuse and another for recyclable items.

The Alvo Board will be discussing options for our community in the future.

If any of you have thoughts or ideas, please contact any board member.

Next time – Dave

“Plan for the worst – that way all your surprises will be happy ones.” – EMS rule number one