Saturday, December 15, 2018

"The Producers" Review

If I was a real critic, I'd get money for these reviews (and someone above me would tell me to tone it down or puff it up) - BUT- since I do these for fun, I say what I really feel.

The Producers was presented by local talent - the cast members furthest from the Lofte are from Omaha - who are exuberantly talented. They sing, they dance, they go over the top and  build their own sets. They are high school and college students, teachers, acting coaches and who knows what else.

What makes a production great are not the leads - although they were excellent to outstanding - but the supporting cast (and sometimes the leads changed costumes and became part of the chorus) including the Nazi chickens (or maybe they were pigeons) who sang like birds. The support cast deserved the standing ovation they got. Costuming was - well - Mel Brooksian and no one had a wardrobe malfunction.

Scene changes were part of the show and the crew (aided by cast members) made them seamless.

OK - all the real critics like to find a point to b*!@$ about - my only mildly negative comment is that the full orchestra sometimes - rarely - overpowered the singers.

The Producers is a complicated production without a lot of wiggle room and last Saturday night you all nailed it!


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