Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Open Burning Information 2017


It's against state law anywhere in Nebraska, including Alvo, to burn without a permit!

Open Burning Statute from Nebraska Revised Statutes On Line

Click HERE for the Adobe .pdf version.


You may need a permit from Nebraska DEQ - click here to open burning regulations

Nebraska State Fire Marshal burn permit web page

Here's what a burn permit looks like


Alvo Fire Department does not charge for issuing a burn permit - but burning without a permit is now a Class IV misdemeanor. The penalty for a Class IV misdemeanor ranges from $100 minimum to $500 maximum fine with no jail time. Save money by contacting Chief Rick Koutecky at 402-326-1714 or Dave Morgan at 402-432-5018 to get a permit and stay legal. I got this information from the Nebraska Statutes and Department of Environmental Quality web sites - I am not making this stuff up.