Monday, October 22, 2018

Western Feeders 4-H Club Meeting

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Left to right: Conrad, Trenton, Mickayla, Carleen & Olivia

The 4-H Western Feeders meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm on January 18 (Thursday) at the Alvo Fire Barn by Mickayla Larsen. The pledges were said by members and leaders and then the members answered roll call by saying their favorite color. Trenton Brown, the secretary, read the minutes and a motion was moved and passed to approve these minutes. During Officer Reports Trenton Brown filling in for Trevor Brown, treasurer, said that we had $829.72 in the treasury. Olivia Cupp- Whiteman, the News Reporter, said that the activities at the last meeting were sent to Waverly Newspaper and the Plattsmouth Newsletter. In addition, we will start sending news reports of the club activities to the Alvo Newsletter. Under Old Business, Carleen Dowding, our 4H leader asked if everyone had enrolled in 4-H for the 2017 calendar year. There was a general discussion of when club members had to sign up for projects and if was stated they can add, change and remove projects until May 1. At the Cass County Fair, club members and leaders had discussed a need for new and more boards to be made and painted on the animal pens to keep the shavings in the pens for all members showing livestock. The Cupp-Whiteman family agreed to purchase boards, and paint (green and white) for club members. It was decided that the club members would paint the boards for a club meeting activity in June. Carleen Dowding agreed to find out the dimensions of the pens to ensure the proper size boards were purchased. The club was also reminded that club members are collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house as part of their community service projects. Under New Business, it was discussed that all members that had animal projects needed to take the Quality Assurance on-line modules. For each age group there are 9 modules and members need to take all 9 but can split them up to do 3 each year for a period of three years. There was discussion about the fee to take the modules and how if you took all modules at once you only had to pay the fee once. The meeting was adjourned and the members, in addition to having tasty treats donated by the Brown and Koutechy families, also made Valentines for Vets which would be distributed to Veterans before Valentine’s Day.

Respectfully submitted, Olivia Cupp-Whiteman

Western Feeders 4-H Club News Reporter