Thursday, December 13, 2018

Editor's Take

2 July 2013

Pay attention now, folks. This topic is as serious as a heart attack. Thermal burns hurt - big time. Most of you probably think that mishaps won't happen here - WRONG! Ask "One-eye" Anderson (aerial firework that tipped over). Ask Mark D. (not fireworks, but gasoline vapor, which burns at over 3000 degrees). Propane burns at over 4000 degrees. Fireworks are called that because they use fire to create the loud noises and aerial displays we think is cool. The temperatures from the flames are in that 1500 to 2000 degree range which blacksmiths and welders use to work with metal. The effect of this temperature on skin and soft tissue is pretty impressive - and it hurts - for a long, long time. Also, since NASA, the USAF have had multi-million dollar rockets go the wrong direction after being designed and built by some of the best minds in this country, what makes you think the paper and powder rockets and other stuff costing a few cents to make which was designed and built in China by child labor are going to function properly every time? Now some of you like to experiment with common materials you can make explode - not only that is illegal, but homemade stuff is usually very unstable. Erin Anderson from the Lincoln Journal Star wrote a very good article on fireworks safety - the link is below.

Erin Anderson - Lincoln Journal Star

The point of this is - be very careful the next few days. If you want to celebrate with fireworks, buy legal ones. We have a local outlet right here in Alvo that is selling the legal stuff.