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  Last Quarter at 2:14 PM on Saturday, October 22nd

Day Sunrise Sunset Sun hours Days until Winter
Wed, Oct 19 07:42 AM 06:38 PM 10:56 63
Thu, Oct 20 07:43 AM 05:37 PM 9:54 62
Fri, Oct 21 07:44 AM 04:36 PM 8:52 61
Sat, Oct 22 07:45 AM 03:35 PM 7:50 60
Sun, Oct 23 07:46 AM 02:34 PM 6:48 59
Mon, Oct 24 07:47 AM 01:33 PM 5:46 58
Tue, Oct 25 07:49 AM 06:30 PM 10:41 57

Although the drought areas (mild and moderate) are small, they are not changing. The good news is abnormally dry areas are shrinking....

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Oct 19th, 1781 - British General Lord Charles Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown, VA. It was to be the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War. Although nobody knew it that day.

"I have the honor to inform Congress, that a reduction of the British Army under the command of Lord Cornwallis, is most happily effected." - General George Washington

1983 - The Senate approved a bill establishing a national holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

"If you can't fly, then run, if you can't run, then walk, if you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, keep moving forward." - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Oct 20th, 1947 - Hollywood came under scrutiny as the House Un-American Activities Committee opened hearings into alleged Communist influence within the motion picture industry. Spearheaded by Senator Joseph McCarthy

"When public men indulge themselves in abuse, when they deny others a fair trial, when they resort to innuendo and insinuation, to libel, scandal, and suspicion, then our democratic society is outraged, and democracy is baffled. It has no apparatus to deal with the boor, the liar, the lout, and the antidemocrat in general." - Senator J. William Fulbright

"You are the Un-Americans, and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves”: Paul Robeson


Oct 21st, 1991 - Jesse Turner, an American hostage in Lebanon, was released after nearly five years of being imprisoned.

"I am happy to be out, finally. I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends." - Jesse Turner


Oct 22nd, 1975 - Air Force Technical Sergeant Leonard Matlovich was discharged after publicly declaring his homosexuality. His tombstone reads "A gay Vietnam Veteran. When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one."

"Our military will no longer be deprived of the talents and skills of patriotic Americans just because they happen to be gay or lesbian." - President Obama (July 22nd, 2011)


Oct 23rd, 1929 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged starting the stock-market crash that began the Great Depression.

"This crash is not going to have much effect on business." - Chairman Arthur Reynolds, Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago on October 24th, 1929


Oct 24th, 2001 - The House of Representatives approved legislation that gave police the power to secretly search homes, tap all of a person's telephone conversation and track people's use of the Internet. And that Patriot Act is still in effect.

Journalist: "Congressman Kucinich, I believe you're the only one here who voted against the PATRIOT act right away after 9/11. Why is that?" His reply: "Because I read it." - Author: Dennis Kucinich


Oct 25th, 2001 - It was announced that scientists had unearthed the remains of an ancient crocodile which lived 110 million years ago. The animal, found in Gadoufaoua, Niger, grew as long as 40 feet and weighed as much as eight metric tons. Sarcosuchus article



16Sipress1“Only in America can you be Pro-Death Penalty, Pro-War, Pro-Unmanned Drone Bombs, Pro-Nuclear Weapons, Pro-Guns, Pro-Torture, Pro-Land Mines, AND still call yourself ‘Pro-Life.’‚Äč” - John Fugelsang


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