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Alvo Newsletter, June 26th, 2013

Change Happens

 What a difference a week makes. Last week was a really low point (the newsletter week officially starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday, which I know upsets people of all faiths). The Alvo Newsletter is usually done before midnight on Tuesdays, so the editorial week is Tuesday through Monday. This week is much better (as of Tuesday). Rain helps farmers and gardners which is important if you eat.

Old Fire Barn

If you have wondered why the decrepit structure was still standing, here's the deal: Not one but two hives of honeybees were running their pollination operation out of the north wall. Honey bees have suffered population losses in recent years and the board decided to have the bees removed before demolishing the building. As far as I can determine, honey bees are not yet a protected species, but many people smarter than me think they should be.

HuskerHives owner Nate Leuders began the process on Wednesday, June 18th and discovered that there were two hives. The work continues today (Tuesday, June 25th).

Bee save 5C

June 18th - Come on bees, cooperate.

Bee save 6

June 25th - How to vacuum bees - very carefully.

Bee save 10C


How about some fresh bread and chunky peanut butter to go with the new honey?

Bee save 12

OK bees, let's everyone be calm.

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