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US Flags are at half staff from now until sundown on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 in honor of the 5 Dallas Police Officers ambushed and killed 




Date Sunrise Sunset Sun hours Days until autumn
Wed, Jul 06 06:01 AM 09:00 PM 14:59 77
Thu, Jul 07 06:01 AM 08:59 PM 14:58 76
Fri, Jul 08 06:02 AM 08:59 PM 14:57 75
Sat, Jul 09 06:03 AM 08:59 PM 14:56 74
Sun, Jul 10 06:03 AM 08:58 PM 14:55 73
Mon, Jul 11 06:04 AM 08:58 PM 14:54 72
Tue, Jul 12 06:05 AM 08:57 PM 14:52 71


Sun hours for this week

First quarter on Monday, July 11th at 07:52 PM.


Crops are growing rapidly, which removes soil moisture... The abnormally dry area tripled in a week including all of Cass County. Plus parts of five south central and two northern panhandle counties are experiencing moderate drought. Click on the image for the home page of the UNL drought monitor. Nebraska is not alone. Let's think seriously about conserving water.


20160628 NE trd


Read the latest Keep Cass County Beautiful Newsletter by clicking HERE. Click on the image to go directly to the web site.



Historical tidbits...

July 6th, 1944 - Lt. Jack Roosevelt Robinson refuses to move to the back of a civilian contract bus at Camp Hood (now Fort Hood) Texas and is courtmartialled. Link to the National Archives for details.


"I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being. - Jack Robinson


July 7th, 1981 - Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court.


"The power I exert on the court depends on the power of my arguments, not on my gender." - Justice Sandra Day O'Connor


July 8th, 1960 - The Soviet Union charges Francis Gary Powers with espionage for flying a U-2 in Soviet air space.


"Regrets?  Yes, I have a few.  My greatest is not that I made the flight on May 1, 1960; rather the opposite - that we did not do more when we had the chance." - Francis Gary Powers

I was a pilot flying an airplane and it just so happened that, where I was flying, made what I was doing spying.
Read more at:
I was a pilot flying an airplane and it just so happened that, where I was flying, made what I was doing spying.
Read more at:


July 9th, 1942 - Anne Frank and her family go into hiding in the attic above her father’s office in an Amsterdam warehouse.


"I live in a crazy time." - Anne Frank


July 10th, 1985 - Coca-Cola Co. announces it will resume selling “old formula Coke,” following public outcry and falling sales of its “new Coke.” Click on the image for the US News and World Report article

16New Coke

“We did not understand the deep emotions of so many of our customers for Coca-Cola,” - Coca Cola President Donald R. Keough


July 12th, 1804 - Alexander Hamilton is mortally wounded in a duel with Aaron Burr.

Click on the image for full details.


"Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done." - Aaron Burr

"No character, however upright, is a match for constantly reiterated attacks, however false." - Alexander Hamilton




"I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him." - Mark Twain


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