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Alvo Newsletter, June 19th, 2013

Happenings - Some Cheerful, Some Not

Not Cheerful

Fire and Rescue Departments both Volunteer and Career honored Bob Hanes, Weeping Water Firefighter on Monday with a processional of apparatus that stretched over one and a half miles on 310th Street, Church Road and Highway 63. Intersections were blocked by Cass County Deputies and a Nebraska State Patrol Trooper. The rolling tribute started at Round the Bend Steakhouse and passed the family during the inurnment at the Alvo Cemetery.

Hanes service 4


Ladder trucks from Plattsmouth and Papillion support a base size US flag at the entrance to Round the Bend.

Hanes service 6


Six rows of engines, ambulances, grass rigs, rescue vehicles and tankers stage for the processional at Round the Bend.

Hanes service 9

Weeping Water 212 carries Bob's cremains with the Nebraska LODD Honor Guard aboard to Alvo Cemetery.

Hanes service 13

310th Street approaching Church Road.

Hanes service 21

Head of the procession at Church Road and Highway 63.

Hanes service 19

Church Road - Closed up and waiting for the family to unload from Weeping Water and Manley School Buses at the Alvo Cemetery, the processional is still a mile long.

Hanes service 23

StarCare 5 flyby tribute.

All preceding images by Dave Morgan, Paramedic



Image courtesy of Bonnie Rosenboom

Elmwood 511 was the first ambulance on the scene of the crash and leads the procession.



Image courtesy of Bonnie Rosenboom

Elmwood 531 was the first engine on the crash scene and provided extrication and fire protection for the rescuers. Following Elmwood 542 is Alvo 110, Alvo 140, Eagle 11, Eagle 31, Murray 731 and Murray 711 from the mutual aid departments assisting Elmwood.

The links below have more of the history of this tragic occurrence.

KETV video 

KMTV video 1

KMTV video 2

KOLN video

Nebraska Serious Injury and Line of Duty Death Response Team

Firefighter Close Calls - Bob Hanes

Crash Story - FF Secret List

Bob was killed while he was helping others - he cared enough to volunteer for his community, voluntarily sharing his capabilities and expertise with the members of Weeping Water Fire and Weeping Water Rescue to serve his community. I did not know Bob, but he is my brother in the emergency services family. His death will affect all of us not only in Cass County, but throughout Nebraska and the entire EMS and Fire network.

Bob is a hero - many repeated that in interviews, the eulogy, in conversations with friends and family. But Bob was a hero - every time he climbed into an ambulance or fire engine, just like his fellow Weeping Water volunteers and just like all the volunteers or career responders in your community, county, state and country.

It is a sad situation when Bob has to die, Melissa and Beau have to get seriously injured in the line of duty to become heroes. They already were - long before that pickup crossed the centerline.

As I have said before - these thoughts are my own and today I am only sharing the ones fit for the general public.

Dave Morgan, Paramedic, Alvo Rescue Squad

PS - Support and thank your volunteers - right now they need it.

 Cheerful - if you like turtles.

OK - biology and wildlife experts - your question for the week is: How did the snapping turtle end up just west of Main Street on 2nd Street in Alvo? Closest body of year round water is at least half a mile away.

Alvo lagoon 2

He (she) was removed to an undisclosed location where it is hoped she (he) will stay. To protect the innocent, the turtle was renamed "Surly" which pretty much matches his (her) disposition.

Alvo lagoon 1

"Get a little closer, human - I didn't really appreciate the ride in the bucket." - Surly

Alvo lagoon 4

"Let me check this pond out - I need space - and food." - Surly

Alvo lagoon 3

"Who let that undocumented alien in MY pond?!" - Kermit

Alvo lagoon 7

There may be a little bit of survival of the fittest play out here in the future. Sure is peaceful now, though.


 "Inside every cynical person is a disappointed idealist." - George Carlin



Both Cheerful and Not

039 communion

Robert (Pastor Bob) Neben will preach his grand finale sermon on Sunday, June 30th at the Murdock United Methodist Church after a lengthy clerical career. Pastor Bob is a classmate of the Alvo Consolidated School class of '59 and is the chaplain of the Alvo Alumni Group. Bob and Mary's retirement will be recognized with a reception in the Murdock Church basement from 1:00 - 3:00 PM, served by the Murdock Church Basement Ladies. You don't have to be Methodist to congratulate and honor Pastor Bob and Mary - Murdock isn't that far away and unlike when he was a kid, you can get there without driving on dirt or gravel.

Personal message from the editor: Pastor Bob, practice saying no with a lot of force, or you'll be editing a newsletter, cleaning out the garage, or filling in for one or more of your contemporaries vacationing in Jamaica. Best wishes, sir.


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