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Update, June 7th, 2015

Mother Nature smiled on us Saturday! Alvo's 125th birthday even had an aerial bomb and siren test to kick off the celebration under a solid cloud cover with occasional rain drops. Several communities across the state celebrated their 125th birthday on June 6th - but bet they didn't have the Star Spangled Banner played on a violin or a homing pigeon flyout. The weather at the start was similar to what the allied soldiers, sailors and airmen faced 71 years ago on the Normandy beaches. Overcast, gusty wind and occasional rain - and they were being shot (90% casualties in the first wave). 

Normandyfirst wave

The sun did shine on Alvo as the day progressed. Our celebration was pretty low key - food, a magician (Great One Productions - how did they get the cats to do that?), face painting, kids' games including a pinata, a very good band (Stove Creek Band - classic country and rock & roll). Our parade was typical of Alvo - as many people in the parade as watched. Thanks to Ceresco Fire & Rescue for the hose cart and 1941 pumper. Check out the Q125  or Alvo Q125 Facebook pages for images and videos. More in Wednesday's news.

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