Monday, December 17, 2018

Country Music Show

Methodist Church Country Music Show Benefit Successful!

$7500 raised for Neal and Jen


thank you animated by jssanda-d5b1e4h

Here is a partial list of those individuals, businesses and organizations who contributed to the success of the 2014 Country Music Show Neal and Jen Wilhelm Benefit.

140413 donors183

The list is incomplete, but I will add more names as they are sent to me.

140413 artists184

Two more musicians who donated their talent - Blanche Hopp and Sylvia Anderson - Thanks!


We have some great people in our small community - willing to help their neighbors without reservation just because it's the right thing to do. Some do not want to be recognized, even on this newsletter that isn't read by very many. Events such as this put small cracks in my cynicism armor and make me feel really good about living here.




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