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Alvo Newsletter, December 11th, 2013

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My heartfelt apology to all World War II veterans for not including my thoughts about Pearl Harbor remembrance - I am deeply sorry not to recognize this horrible event and the ensuing war. You veterans have my undying respect and thanks for your sacrifice and we all need to remember the ones who did not come home.

The days just keep getting shorter and shorter

It's still fall folks - no matter that it hasn't been above freezing since December 4th (that's a week, people). Hope you are keeping warm and taking extra care when you venture outdoors.

Sun rose at 07:40 and will set at 04:57 - that means we have 9 hours and 17 minutes of sunlight - if there aren't any clouds.

Here's a link to the National Weather Service page for Alvo: 7 Day Forecast


Congratulations to these Lincoln Journal Star All-State football players from our area

Class B: Linebacker - Nolan Siemonsema, Plattsmouth, 6' 2" 240 pound senior

              Defensive line - Josh Gutzmer, Norris, 6' 4" 195 pound senior

              Punter - Jakson Reetz, Norris, 6' 1" 190 pound senior

Class C-1:  Offensive line - Zach Kramer, Ashland-Greenwood, 6' 1" 225 pound senior

                  Linebacker - Bo Kitrell, Ashland-Greenwood, 6' 2" 215 pound senior

                  Athlete - Gunnar Garner, Ashland-Greenwood, 5' 9" 165 pound senior

Class C-1 Honorable Mention

Ashland-Greenwood - Eric Kelly, Tyler Craven, Bryce Chudomelka, Trevor Nichelson, Brett Kitrell

Class C-2 Honorable Mention

Elmwood - Murdock - Mikkel Christensen, Alex Koehler, Daniel Goudie

Palmyra - Alex Thomsen, Corey Koelzer

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