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Alvo Newsletter, November 13th, 2013

Quiet week in Alvo

A large, ruly crowd enjoyed the home-made, I repeat that, home-made chili, vegetable beef and chicken noodle soup last Sunday evening at the Alvo Methodist Church. We've had larger numbers of people at some of our previous community events, but usually the Sheriff's Department was involved. Did I mention the home-made desserts and salads - outstanding! The Methodist Church Basement Ladies are great!

AMCSoup1   Notice how the crowd concentrates on the food.

AMCSoup2   Two of the Alvo Methodist Church Basement Ladies.

AMCSoup3       The Alvo Methodist Church Basement Ladies kitchen crew.

If you're feeling guilty about not tipping the serving staff - come to the Methodist service on Sunday and leave some extra in the collection plate - the kind that rustles, not clinks. Pastor Fairbanks, when offered the rare opportunity of having her sermon topic published in this newsletter informed me that she prepares her sermons on Saturdays, which is too late to include, and furthermore doesn't read on line newsletters anyway. She also said she forgives me for whatever I say about her. I strongly urge you all to go listen to her - I think she probably brings a very compassionate message.

AR bluejays

Ashland - Greenwood 33, Lincoln Christian 13 Tuesday night. They will play Columbus Lakeview next Tuesday in Ashland in a Class C-1 semi-final.


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