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Alvo Newsletter, November 6th, 2013


Veterans' Day 2013


History of Veterans' Day link


Next Monday, please take the time to honor a veteran you know - or a veteran's family member. We have veterans of past and current conflicts, wars, police actions and invasions all around us. Anyone, whether volunteered or drafted has placed his or her life on the line for this country, this state, this county and this town. Some have never had to hear the loud noises from those who want to do us harm, but all veterans faced that possibility. Locally, the Union Legion Auxiliary is providing a free meal on Sunday the 10th for any veteran - see the flyer further down on this page.




Daylight Savings Time is Over!

If you didn't set your clocks back and didn't notice, you're probably retired!

We can't change the amount of light or dark in 24 hours by changing a clock. For much of my adult life, I've worked shift work, either part or full time and guess what? If you work a night shift, you don't care if it's 10 or 11 PM. Check the links below to see what sort of nonsense arises out of fooling around with clocks twice a year.

Link to positive thoughts about Daylight Savings Time

Link to negative thoughts about Daylight Savings Time

Daylight-Savings-Time-cartoon   daylight-savings-time





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