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Alvo Newsletter, October 16th, 2013

Village Board Meets Tonight at 7:30 PM at the Board Meeting Room

Main Street may look vacant north of 2nd Street, but it's a lot cleaner and next spring it will likely be greener. Good job, Ivan, Ryan and the folks who helped clean up the old fire barn and deserted garage. Having an attractive community starts at home, folks - we all need to do our part. If the sun ever shines, there will be pictures.


Message from your fire chief - October is the month to change your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm batteries and check them for proper function.change your clocks and smoke alarm batteries Also time to have furnaces checked, change the filters and make sure your chimneys are clean and clear. Wood burning stoves should be checked to make sure the flues are tight and they and the chimneys aren't full of creosote. Chimney fires are not a minor event.

Chimney FireMarlboro Vt

Not a good sight.

Harvest is in full swing, days are shorter and farm equipment is bigger - so look out for combines that take up over half street and road width, large grain trucks pulling out of fields between road intersections. All that farm equipment is bigger and heavier than your Civic - or your Hummer.


We need to be very aware of kids - waiting to get on their school bus in the morning and piling off after school. Kids, you all need to understand that just because we don't have much in the way of sidewalks, the village streets are not a good choice for walking or playing.

school bus



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