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Alvo Newsletter, October 2nd, 2013

Alvo is Not Shut Down!

 Village Board meets tonight at 07:30 PM in the Board Meeting Room at the Alvo Fire and Rescue Station.

But wait, - there's a better deal in Pleasant Dale, where you can gorge yourself on roast turkey and all that goes with it. Get in shape for Thanksgiving. If we weren't going to a previous commitment, you might find us at the P-Dale Legion Club. Just a thought

Heads up, the Nebraska Department of Roads is finally going to do something to Nebraska 63 north of Alvo - check out upcoming events.

Thanks to Deb Kirkpatrick, Alvo door painting artist and landscape designer, there are no longer rusty, gray, depressing doors at the Fire and Rescue Station. She also donated the ornamental grasses in front of the building. Ryan and Kelly Anderson donated the peonies. Deb arranged them to improve the overall station appearance.

Westdoor West door to apparatus bay

Doors13 4

Department meeting room and Village office entrances

  Southdoor South door to hall of memories and kitchen

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