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Alvo Newsletter, September 18th, 2013



Please take a minute to honor the victims of the Washington Navy Yard shooting. Our governor has ordered all  and state flags be flown at half - staff until noon on Friday, September 20th.

 stink1What was that odor on Saturday??

Most likely it was ethyl mercaptan, which is a colorless liquid with a very strong odor added to propane to help detect leaks by smell. Propane by itself is odorless. According to Dan Chudomelka of Great Plains Service in Ashland, over time the mercaptan condenses from the propane and collects in the bottom of the tank. Also, the steel will absorb some of the odorant. So, if the tank is crushed or left open even without any propane inside the odor (stink) will still be detectable and since the liquid is concentrated, the smell will be very strong. Mercaptan's boiling point is 95 degrees Fahrenheit and it does produce vapor (smell) at lower temperatures. The vapor is heavier than air, so it will hug the ground and will travel with the wind. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet, it's odor is detectable at 0.001 parts per million, at 5 parts per million requires an organic cartridge respirator and is toxic at 4420 parts per million if exposed for 4 hours. The odor is a very strong garlic smell and since the mercaptan is a liquid, in cooler temperatures, it will take hours to dissipate.


Fremont Tribune Article


Bob Hanes Memorial Poker Run


KOLN Story



About 700 people attended the Bob Hanes Memorial Poker Run and Concert Saturday, September 14th at the Cass County Fairgrounds. Story and pictures above from the Fremont Tribune - click on the Bob Hanes link. Thanks to all who attended, volunteered and continue to support Bob's family. Thanks to those helping Melissa and Bo as they recover from the physical and emotional injuries from that night.


Attn                     Hear ye, Hear ye


The Village Board approved changing regular meeting night to the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 at the Board Meeting Room starting October 3rd, 2013.

Also - Claims approved by the Board are now posted under the Minutes tab.



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