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  • It is Unique.

    It is Unique.

    It is one of a kind. No other community in the United States is known by the name "ALVO". Early settlers had come to this area as early as 1869, they had established post-offices, school district and towns. The railroad was the main means of transportation , so towns were established along it's lines.

    Alvo reportedly received its name from the first child born after the community began to form around the depot. Her name was Alvo and she was the daughter of the railroad's master.

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alvo news, sep 20th, 2017




A reminder - your dogs need to be licensed and under your control at all times. Dog licenses require a current rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian. When you walk your dog, it's neighborly to pick up the pooch's poop and dispose of it in your own yard.


17Connie Carlson

Alvo has a new Clerk - Connie Carlton was hired Monday and will be in the Village Office on Saturday. Keep an eye on the Village Office tab for updates. She is also the Clerk-Treasurer for Elmwood, so she doesn't need a map or GPS to find us.



Jose (top) and Maria (bottom) from space from US Navy GOES satellite

Click on the image for the National Hurricane Center site



Thanks to Jeff Parker, Florida Today

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Playground Equipment for Sale!

Bids for playground equipment we don't have enough space to install will be accepted by mail or at the Village Office until October 3rd. Buyer is responsible for loading and transport of equipment. As is. Can be seen at the basketball court next to Alvo Fire & Rescue Station, 135 Main Street, Alvo, NE.


17neflag 2

Thanks to Karen for the Nebraska State flag - it will fly until March 1st, 2018 to celebrate Nebraska 150.


Drying out again - Only 40 counties have normal soil moisture; 28 are normal to abnormally dry, 13 are abnormally dry, 7 are abnormally dry to moderate drought, 5 range from normal to moderate drought with abnormally dry areas as well. Somewhat good news still no severe drought conditions anywhere. Nationally, 14 states have normal moisture conditions, a reduction by 1 from last week. Click on the image to see how Nebraska compares to other states. Click HERE to see a slide show of of the national map.


20170912 NE trd 

Daylight hours


New moon is Wednesday, September 20th at 12:30 AM


Click on this animated moon for what it looks like now.

Moon data from the US Naval Observatory.


Still nothing really humorous, but I'll try.


Thank you, Matt Handelsman 



Thank you, Jeff Koterba, Omaha World Herald




Sep 20th, 2015 - Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, confirms raising the price of toxoplasmosis drug Daraprim by 5,000%


Click on the picture for the CBS story

"It's predatory practice and it's inappropriate" - Dr. David Agus


Sep 21st, 1970 - "Monday Night Football" premieres on ABC - Browns 31, Jets 21.


Click on the picture of Howard, Keith and Don for the NY Times 35th anniversary story


"There are a lot more TV sets in use on Monday night than on Sunday afternoon.” - Pete Rozelle


Sep 22nd, 1985 - First Farm Aid concert held, organised by Willy Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp.


Click on the picture for the past concert list

"After 30 years, we are still here, you're still here, and together we're still fighting for the farmers. The fight ain't over yet but we're gaining on those suckers, ..." - Willy Nelson


2015 - Volkswagen admits that 11 million cars have been wrongly programmed to appear to emit lesser emissions than they are.


Click on Steve Sack's cartoon for the rest of the story. from the New York Times

“So let’s be clear about this: Our company was dishonest with the EPA and the California Air Resources Board, and with all of you. And in my German words, we’ve totally screwed up. We must fix those cars and prevent this from ever happening again, and we have to make things right—with the government, the public, our customers, our employees, and also very importantly our dealers.” - Michael Horn, US CEO


Sep 23rd, 1942 - The first gas murder experiments are conducted at Auschwitz. concentration camp.

17auschwitz fences

Click on the picture for the Auschwitz-Birkenau site

"I hope to see the very concept of Jewry completely obliterated." - Heinrich Himmler


2003 - Crime drama "NCIS" starring Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherley, Pauley Perrette and David McCallum premieres on CBS in the US.


Clcik on the image for the real NCIS site

“We're not FBI, dirtbag.” - Gibbs


Sep 24th, 2005 - Hurricane Rita makes landfall in the United States, devastating Beaumont, Texas and portions of southwestern Louisiana.


“Don't get stuck on stupid.” - Lt. Gen. Russel Honore (Ret.)


 “Who is affected more when it's cold? Poor people. Who is affected more when it's hot. Poor people. Who is most affected when the economy is bad? Poor people. Poor people are the most fragile." - Lt. Gen. Russel Honore (Ret.)


Sep 25th, 2000 - American basketball player Vince Carter jumps over 7 foot 2 Frédéric Weis in 2000 Summer Olympics, known in France as "le dunk de la mort" (the dunk of death)

The American Revolution was a beginning, not a consummation.


Click on the dunk picture for the 'dunk of death' video on YouTube

"My first dunk was actually in sixth grade." - Vince Carter


Sep 26th, 1983 - Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov averts a worldwide nuclear war by judging supposed missile attack from the US an error.


  Click on the image for the BBC account.

"I am not a hero. I was just in the right place at the right time." - Stanislav Petrov





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 Village of Alvo Clerk's Office

Open Saturdays from 08:00 to 12:00

Enter through the north door.

135 Main Street, Alvo, NE 68304

402-781-9201 phone and fax


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