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alvo news, may 24th, 2017



150stateflag 3

Thanks to Karen for the Nebraska State flag - it will fly until March 1st, 2018 to celebrate Nebraska 150.


Come get your wood chips! They are for your use if you need mulch for your trees, gardening or landscaping. They are from the trees being removed along Highway 63 as part of the Alvo North reconstruction project. Thank the Nebraska Department of Roads for donating them to the people in Alvo.



Even with the recent rain, rain, rain - no reduction in abnormally dry areas in the state. Click on the map for the whole country.



Daylight hours


New Moon Thursday, May 25th at 02:44 PM Central Daylight Time


Click on this animated moon for what the moon looks like today.

Data from the US Naval Observatory.


As you think about re-planting your garden click on the moon to reach the Old Farmer's Almanac moon phase planting calendar for Nebraska.



  Thank you, Steve Sack


May 24th, 1976 - Britain and France opened trans-Atlantic Concorde service to Washington.


Click on the image for a Ghosts of DC article about the first flight

"The Concorde is great. It gives you three extra hours to find your luggage." - Bob Hope


May 25th, 2006 - In Houston, former Enron Corp. chiefs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skillinng were convicted of conspiracy and fraud for the downfall of Enron.


Click on the image above for the NPR transcript

Over the weekend, former Enron executives Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter married each other during a huge ceremony in Houston. The happy couple is planning to honeymoon for three weeks in front of Congress.” - Conan O'Brien


May 26th, 1961 - A US Air Force B-58 'The Firefly' flew across the Atlantic in a record time of just over three hours.

17B58 59 2451

Click on the image for a history of "The Firefly"

"Peace was our profession." - Tom and Randy Brewer

B-58 Hustler Association site   


May 27th, 1995 - In Charlottesville, VA, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed after being thrown from his horse during a jumping event.


Click on his picture for his story

"Don't give up. Don't lose hope. Don't sell out." - Christopher Reeve

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation link



May 28th, 1533 - England's Archbishop declared the marriage of King Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn valid.

17henry viii

Click on the image for English History's 'The Six Wives of Henry VIII'.

"Two beheadings out of six wives is too many." - Henry VIII


May 29th, 1974 - President Nixon agreed to turn over 1,200 pages of edited Watergate transcripts.


Click on Dick's image for the Nixon Library Watergate documents (There are a lot of them)

"When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal." - Richard Nixon

1986 - Colonel Oliver North told National Security Advisor William McFarlane that profits from weapons sold to Iran were being diverted to the Contras.


Click on Ollie's mug shot for the Brown page

"I'm trusting in the Lord and a good lawyer." - Oliver North


May 30th, 1854 - The territories of Nebraska and Kansas were established.


Click on the image for the Ourdocuments web site

"The two systems [slave and free-labor] are...incompatible. They have never permanently existed together in one country, and they never can." - Republican Senator William H. Seward

1868 - Memorial Day was observed widely for the first time in the US.





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"Getting an attorney is a smart move." - Jens David Ohlins, associate dean at Cornell Law School

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