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Alvo Newsletter, July 10th, 2013

Let's help our neighbors 1


Here's an opportunity to help your neighbors and enjoy some firehouse spaghetti. Nothing is better than eating for a great cause.

Let's help our neighbors 2Lost

Great news - Reggie is home safely!

Reggie ended up at Doran's yard near 214th & Fletcher Monday. They took Reggie to Mark Umland of Eagle because he is a Boston Terrier human. Mark had seen the fliers and called Reggie's humans and he was picked up last night - a little worn around the edges, but happy to be home. Thanks to the Doran family and Mark.




Let's help Alvo - participate in the community survey - the draft copy is on the Village Board page and here.

Click here for the Draft Survey 


Hope you all survived Independence Day without any burns or hearing loss. I would guess the noises spooked Reggie and he bolted. If anyone has seen the little guy give his humans a call. Our K-9 crew made it through on Benadryl and classical music from Nebraska Public Radio. The members of the Rescue Squad thank all of you fireworks deployers for not losing any fingers, toes or eyes and the Alvo Firefighters thank you for not setting anything major on fire. Just a reminder for next Fourth of July and for those of you who celebrate the new year with explosive noise. Our streets are chipseal and asphalt - so the asphalt will melt and burn which adds to the pothole situation.

Alvo Methodists have heard their first message from a new minister. Change is often unsettling, but life is change, so enjoy the newness.

I really would like to hear some good news rather than airliners landing way short and the fire truck running over one of the passengers or 19 wildland firefighters losing their lives trying to save property.

Speaking of fires it looks like we are starting a drier weather pattern - that means requests for burn permits may be refused, especially if it is windy and/or hot. Also - you can't burn anything but brush, leaves, branches and untreated unpainted wood. Again, contact Chief Koutecky at 402-326-1714 for burn permits.

Maybe we will have better news next week.

"If people think nature is their friend, then they sure don't need an enemy." - Kurt Vonnegut

The road construction crews are coming!!


Starting July 22nd, weather permitting, Nebraska 63 or 238th Street north and south of Alvo will be chipsealed, which according to the Lincoln Journal Star, will take about 3 (?) days. During that time, one lane of traffic will stay open - Expect Delays!

normal warning street sign road work      thumb warning street sign uneven lanes


What happened to the fire barn bees?

Click here for the Lincoln Journal Star article



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