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 Village Board Meeting delayed until Monday, December 12th at 7:30 PM.

Bring a family or child gift, to Round the Bend, have a great meal and do good for others. Here's a local deal - click on the steak for the menu


Round the Bend Steakhouse partners with Marine Corps League and Marine Corps League Auxiliary to raise gifts for military children.


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Nov 18th 

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Dec 10th

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Dec 10th overflow

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Dec 10th

There's good Christmas spirit at Round the Bend (compare Dec 10th with Nov 18th) - however, TJ and Tifini will make room for as many gifts as you all bring.


Ashland, NE — Every veteran that has selflessly served our nation deserves to treat his or her children with gifts on Christmas morning. However, many veterans live without the means to provide Christmas gifts to their families.

 Round the Bend Steakhouse is excited to announce SGT Kringles Kids, an initiative to provide children of military veterans in need with gifts this holiday season. Through a partnership with the Marine Corps League (MCL) and the Marine Corps League Auxiliary (MCLA), all gifts brought to Round the Bend Steakhouse will be directly donated to disadvantaged children of veterans, so that every military family may enjoy the Christmas they deserve. Now through Dec 16, visitors to Round the Bend Steakhouse are encouraged to bring an unwrapped and new toy to place under the Christmas tree in the dining room. As a show of gratitude, SGT Kringle's Kids participants will receive a free appetizer. Karen & I highly recommend the onion rings - they are the best!!!

“For us there are two reasons for our freedom, Jesus and the American soldier. We are excited to show the love of Jesus to our soldiers’ kids by putting them first this Christmas,” said TJ & Tifini Olson, owners of Round the Bend Steakhouse.

 Toy Suggestions (children 12 & under):

-      Books

-      Puzzles

-      Art supplies

-      Board games

About the Marine Corps League (MCL):

Founded in 1923, the MCL is the only Federally Chartered Marine Corps related veterans organization in the country. Its mission statement states that the League exists to “join together in camaraderie and fellowship for the purpose of preserving the traditions and promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps.

About the Marine Corps League Auxiliary (MCLA):

Founded in 1937 as a subsidiary to the MCL, the Auxiliary was formed “for the purposes of promoting the interests of the U. S. Marine Corps, the Marine Corps League and to protect and advance the welfare of Marines and their dependents. Auxiliary members participate in a wide variety of programs that benefit and preserve the fundamental rights and freedoms of every person of this Nation, young and old.

For more information about SGT Kringles Kids, the Marine Corps League, the Marine Corps League Auxiliary, or Round the Bend Steakhouse, please contact TJ Olson at 402-944-9974 or go to the website:


Click on the logos for information

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First Quarter, 03:03 A.M. Wednesday, December 7th.

Full moon, Tuesday, December 13th at 06:05 P.M.

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December 7th, 1941 - The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, which brought the US into World War II.

NBC News Story      USS Arizona Memorial Images     'All the Gallant Men' by Donald Stratton

Arizona Final Salute

Donald Stratton is from Red Cloud, Nebraska. He was burned over 70% of his body, spent a year in the hospital and was medically discharged. He came home to Red Cloud and re-enlisted in 1945. He was in the first and last naval battles in the Pacific. Click on the Arizona Final Salute link above to help Don and his fellow survivors to honor their fallen shipmates on December 7th.

"Remember Pearl Harbor! Never Again!" - Unknown


December 8th, 1949 - The Chinese Nationalist government moved from the Chinese mainland to Formosa due to Communists pressure.

"Taiwan is an independent sovereign country." - Chen Shui-bian


December 9th, 1803 - The 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed by the U.S. Congress. With the amendment Electors were directed to vote for a President and for a Vice-President rather than for two choices for President.

"The current system 'violates the one-person, one-vote rule.  It's essential to representative government to get it changed." - Kay Maxwell


December 10th, 1992 - Oregon Senator Bob Packwood apologized for what he called "unwelcome and offensive" actions toward women. However, he refused to resign.

"Who would want to buy a good car when you can buy an American car?" - former Senator Robert Packwood


December 11th, 2001 - Ted Turner purchased 12,000 acres in Nebraska for Bison ranches. Today he owns 5 ranches totaling 430,849 acres or 673 square miles.

"You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for." - Ted Turner


December 12th, 1917 - Father Edward Flanagan opened Boys Town in Nebraska. The farm village was for wayward boys. In 1979 it was opened to girls.

“When parents fail to do their job, when they allow their children to run the streets and keep bad company, when they fail to provide them with good examples in the home, then the parents and not the children are delinquent.” - Father Flanagan

1989 - Leona Helmsley was fined $7 million and sentenced to four years in prison for tax evasion.

"Only the little people pay taxes." - Leona Helmsley


December 13th, 1988 - A bankruptcy judge in Columbia, SC ordered the assets of the troubled PTL television ministry sold to a Toronto real estate developer for $65 million. New York Times story

''We preach prosperity. We preach abundant life.'' - Jim Bakker


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